Convert XLS to PDF For Excel
You can create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format.
8848SOFT, Inc
Code Co-op
Add Code Co-op, an easy yet powerful collaboration and source control tool, to your C++, Java, HTML......
Reliable Software
Yahoo! Mail Checker
Yahoo! Mail Checker brings you Yahoo! Mail to your desktop.
Maarten van Oosterhout

XLS to PDF Mail

A user-friendly software package for sending email from Microsoft SQL Server.
Free Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter
It is a convenient and easy converting documents to pdf tool.
Word-Pdf-Convert Software, Inc.
KLS Mail Backup
It can restore your Mail, Thunderbird, and Firefox profile files.
KirySoft S.R.L.
Mail Management
Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter
This program helps you convert your Excel files into PDF documents.
Word-Pdf-Convert Software, Inc.
YL Mail Verifier
YL Mail Verifier verifies every e-mail address from a selected database.
YL Computing, Inc
E-Mail Control Console
Extracts e-mail messages from mail client databases to plain text files for easy integration of e-ma......
Bytefusion Ltd.
Explorer for Windows Mail
Powerful tool for organizing E-mail messages.
AA Mail Server
Windows mail server software with dedicated database.
AA Mail Server
Mail Alert
Free e-mail alert add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000 / XP / 2003. Reclaim Your Pro...

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XLS to PDF Mail

E-Mail Agent
E-Mail Agent will automatically harvest e-mail addresses from the Internet.
Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail
Windows Live to Mac mail is an intended tool to successfully transfer.
BPC Software, LLC
Cobra Check Mail
Cobra Check Mail \monitor for unread mail on any of your POP3 mail servers.
Stellar Mail Backup
Stellar Mail Backup takes backup of mail profile configured in your email client.
Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Internet Email Extractor
It can extract email addresses from websites.
The Sky Soft
Fx Mail Crawler
Free Mail Spider.
Fx Mail Marketing
Free XLS To PDF Converter
Converts Excel sheets into the more professional PDF format.
Free PDF Solutions
Textbox io
HTML creator and editor with cross-browser support.
Simple and effective email marketing software.
Sarbacane Software